Experience and Advancement

Role Play

Experience, Honor, and Fame for role-playing will be awarded immediately.

Players should adjust their Honor total immediately and notify the GM if their status has changed.

A character’s honor category can change during a session (i.e. the character can achieve or lose Great Honor, Too-Much Honor, or Too-Little Honor during the session, not just between sessions).

Players can nominate another player’s actions for Experience or Fame awards, but not their own.

Players can nominate any player’s actions for Honor awards, including their own.

Alignment Infraction Points will be awarded immediately.

Experience may be awarded for:

  • Fun/interesting role play,
  • Playing your quirks and flaws and/or bringing them into play when appropriate,
  • Elaborating on character and setting background,
  • Sharing refreshments,
  • Funny jokes,
  • Anything else that adds to the fun/enjoyment of the group.


A character may only advance a level through training when a significant task has been completed by the party. However, experience is never capped.


The base 1500 gp/week cost of continued training is eliminated; only the Course Cost is required.

Conditions modifiers apply to the chance to learn skills as well.

Experience and Advancement

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